My name is Ajasta. I combine both traditional science and alternative approaches.

As a result I can use the best of well proven modern psychotherapy methods together with a new and unique angle, which can help you to find new ways we can follow on our common journey to discover your better self.

The expert knowledge I gained in the area of alternative medicine and psychotherapy originates from top Czech and foreign therapists, scientists and lecturers.

what can i help you with?

The most common topics people ask me about are


* Difficult situations partners face
* Arguments with children
* The generation gap
* Missing real friends
* Self-hatred


* How to achieve life goals
* Coaching yourself and others
* Business development
* Management
* Workaholism


* The question of prosperity
* The reasons of financial problems
* The way money influences our lives
* The need for financial freedom
* The need for financial independence


My methods can find the actual causes of about 400 mental and physical illnesses.

How do I work with a client?

After years of practice I came to a conclusion that I cannot describe the way I work with a client. Every person that comes to me is original and as such they need a completely individual approach. Yet, the common denominators of my work in all cases are the following:

     - intensity

     - depth

     - wholeness

     - continuity

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Mgr.Hana Ajasta
Ortenovo náměstí 1310/19,
170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice